Best App Templates That Have Benefited Various Industry Verticals

Mobile apps are increasingly taking over more percentage of time spent on mobile devices by users. Well, statistics show that 86% of the time spent by a user on a smartphone is commanded by an app as opposed to web browsing. Smartphones have truly revolutionized our ways of life. The smartphone penetration in our daily lives is not limited to personal mails and fun games, but also into the more serious aspects of life such as work and businesses. Many businesses of today prefer that their users have a ready app to interact with the business in an easy and convenient way.

Subsequently, mobile app templates are increasing in popularity. They help build apps in no time! All the time spend on designing is eliminated. There are many industries that have benefited from mobile app templates. Some of the best app templates that have brought a lot of good to the industry are:

Event Management

Event Mobile App Template

Event management agencies can easily go mobile with an app that can help them manage events and notify all the participants and manage all the service providers within a few taps. Such apps are rising in popularity due to their convenience and simplicity. The main advantage of such apps is the efficiency it adds to the work. You can quickly manage any emergency or any situation on the go within a few taps and swipes! Well, the good news is that there are plenty of ready templates available too. It’s as simple as downloading it, adding your specific functionalities with the help of a developer and going mobile!


Chillie Mobile App Template

Restaurants too have benefited from creating mobile apps. They can quickly accept reservations and notify their regular customers of the specials on the menu, and also attract new customers with special offers too. Well, if you want to quickly go mobile, then downloading one of the ready templates could be an excellent option. With a ready template, you can quickly edit the template and make it suitable for your business.

Travel Agencies

Travel agencies have seen greater profits with introducing apps for the convenience of their customers to make bookings anytime, anywhere. Customers can make plans and schedule travels from anywhere to any place without having to visit your office. Well, travel agencies that are looking for going mobile soon, can easily download templates and customize them to their liking. The idea here is to get you on the mobile track!

Taxi Booking

Taxi Mobile App Template

Taxi booking via phone calls sometimes takes forever to get to an executive. With a mobile app, you can get your customers to book taxis conveniently. The process is automated so, your business benefits from this in millions of ways!


Ecommerce apps have already proved to be beneficial for businesses. There are plenty of apps that support shopping and placing orders online. If you are looking at taking your online store to a mobile version, quickly downloading an app template and adding your products could be the fastest route!