Buy Mobile App Templates and Reduce the Time to go Live!

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Mobile application development is a lengthy process. Let’s face it – from ideation to go live, the application goes through a number of phases and a number of changes until it is finally ready. Beginning with design, development, testing and implementation, the app seems to take forever to get to your end users. We sometimes wish we could speed things up and implement the app as soon as possible for the user.  Imagine how wonderful it would be to simply skip some steps and jump directly to the development phase! It would definitely reduce the total time required for development.

Well, this is exactly where mobile app templates come into picture. These app templates are basically ‘design-ready’ templates that developers can use. All you need to do is to download them, customize them and start adding the functionality!

In today’s business world, there is no time for waiting around and allowing each step of the process to linger for a long time. Templates are designed to have all the screens with a logical flow and ready to be used as it is. But for the sake of uniqueness, it is always recommended that you customize it.

So, what exactly can you customize in a mobile app template?
After you buy a mobile app template and download it, you can customize almost anything! The color, the images, you can also add or remove screens and lots more. Along with the download, you get all the artwork and the Photoshop file (PSD). You also get the source code, so that you can customize it easily.

Benefits are twofold
The benefits of this kind of an arrangement are twofold. One, you get a ready template to build upon, so you do not have to think from scratch and design something out of the blue. This means you can actually skip the design phase and directly move on to development! It significantly reduces the time to develop. Two, there are a number of free templates! So, cost is certainly at the lower side. Even if you prefer to buy an app template, the cost is still way less than hiring a designer to do the job.

You can buy app templates and download them straight from websites such as and use them immediately. The good part is that it includes an upfront fee for buying the template and nothing more. Once downloaded, the template is yours and you are free to customize it the way you want – there are no terms and conditions attached to how you use it.

Well, if you do need help customizing it as per your business logic, we have a team of designers to help you out too.

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