Classification of Mobile Apps Templates

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Mobile apps are an indispensible part of our lives. We have moved from a world of the web to the world of apps. With mobile apps your business can reach out to a million users and convert them to customers. The rising apps demands needed to be met with rapid mobile apps development. A perfect way to quickly develop a mobile app is by making use of mobile apps templates.

With the rising demand for mobile apps, the demands for mobile app templates for Android and iPhones have also increased.

Today there are so many types of apps with different functionalities that you get easily overwhelmed with choices. To make sure that your requirements from the app match what technology can offer, mobile app templates give you a way to view all the features provided by the app and those that can be customized.

You can select from a wide variety of apps templates based on functionality of the app. They are classified broadly into:

Basic functionality apps


These types of apps templates include a very basic layout of the app. They are generally used in informational apps where businesses either share information or plainly showcase their products and services. These apps do not have any complicated functionality and can are not ‘heavy’ on the OS.

Database driven apps

The apps that require additional functionalities like displaying various kinds of products and pulling information for each one of them and providing customers with the ability to purchase them etc. will require a database at the backend. These apps are beyond basic and you can select the layout that will suit your requirements.

Entertainment apps


Apps meant for sheer fun and entertainment is a part of this category. Games, video viewing, music apps, photography apps etc. are a part of this category. Templates available for these apps are generally graphically rich and created with vibrant colors to keep the interest of users.

Apps that make use of device features

Smart phones come with a wide range of device features. Camera, GPS and storage memory are some of these features. Apps that make use of these features can be made more innovative providing users with a great experience. Well performance of such apps is good too!

Apps that dynamic in nature

Some apps clearly need inputs from external sources such as weather apps and twitter feeds. These apps are dynamic in nature and require a specific structure.

Whatever the type of app you decide to build; it’s always a good idea to check out a good template to begin with. Customizing the template and making it work the way you want to is always an option. But getting the basic structure of the app ready will always give you a good start and you can create an app quickly for your business.