Custom Android Apps Design Vs Templates

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Designs, whether for the web or for mobile applications need to be unique in looks. This is one of the most important factors for a designer to bear in mind. A designer cannot repeat designs for different businesses. That said, it seems as though custom design is the best option. If you are building a mobile app, start the design from scratch. The other option for a designer is to download a ready template and directly skip to the coding phase. Well, the downloaded design can be made unique too! This design comes with open source code. You get all the source files including the PSDs. You can change the graphics, the color schemes and customize it as per your business requirement.

create_template_enCustom app design

  • Custom app designs are always unique as they are created from scratch just for your business.
  • You can decide what features you wish to see in the final product.
  • You can create designs that have a scope for scalability. You can add and remove screens and features as per your business requirements.
  • You can hire a designer to work on your Android App from start to finish.

Android App Template

  • You get the initial inspiration required for design.
  • You can work on the customization as you have access to all the source files.
  • The app template can be modified for colours, graphics and lots more.
  • You can add screens and remove unwanted ones.
  • You can modify the logic flow of the app.
  • Templates are cheaper.
  • Android app templates enable rapid development and quick launch.

To sum it up, if you are working with templates you save time and money. Templates are not very pricy. Some templates are available for free too. You can also save time as you already have the design and logic. You only need to add functionality to the template and your app should be ready in no time!

If you are looking for rapid development and are looking for Android App Templates, you can easily download them.

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