Essential Principles for User Centered Mobile Design

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For creating a truly effective mobile app design, it should be aesthetically consistent with your brand and should structurally follow the best design principles. Furthermore, from a user experience stand point, it must provide your users with a seamless and intuitive experience. It is important to not only consider the utility of the app, but also the usability – even before the development begins. If you decide to use a mobile app design template, make sure that it incorporates most of the essentials of user centered designs.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Think of what the user wants and expects
One of the biggest challenges with mobile apps is – user abandonment. Reasons could be plenty, but the most common among them is – the user experience – and the main reason user experience fails is because the user is not placed at the center while making design decisions. Create a product that addresses the pain points of the users.

Create user personas
To create user personas, answer some of the basic questions such as who the user is and what are their goals? Where and when the user uses the product will be another important question to answer. This will help you understand the demographics of the end user and gather a lot of behavioral information that will guide your product design decisions.

Map customer’s journey
Customer journey mapping is the very foundation of the product you are designing. Understand the journey that the customer takes for getting from point A to point B and then think of how you can optimize this journey.

Brand research and additional user research
Research the existing brand strategy for the business and add the right personality, tone and look to the mobile application too. Taking a deeper look at the current customer base will also provide enough inputs to help you make sensible design decisions.

Prototyping and conceptualization

Prototyping and conceptualization
When you begin prototyping, focus on the flow of the design from one screen to another and how users will navigate from one screen to another. Often the series of actions that a user can take is complex and an intelligent app design can simplify and streamline these actions.

Research and UI
The user interface focuses on style, polish, and refinement of the app. This usually includes color palettes, fonts, spacing of elements, icons, shades or whether to use flat design or skeuomorphism. A brand research will help you decide what is best for your mobile application and help you select the right personality and tone too.

Continuous testing and refinement
Continuous testing and refinement ensures that you deliver a quality product. Test on various devices and platforms. Have different people conduct the testing. The idea is to re-examine whether anything requires to be changed.

Taking a user centric approach towards mobile app design, ensures that the product is built for the users and our business benefits from the value it adds to our customer base.