Get a Sneak Preview of iOS 10.2’s Best New Features

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Apple’s latest update: get to know its features

Apps updates are regular and routine. Have you ever wondered what is new in these updates? Well, here are the new features that Apple’s latest update will bring you. The iOS template will be richer with these features incorporated into it. And these will be available across iPhone and iPad devices you use.


iOS 10.2 brings in no less than 72 novel emojicons. Never feel at a loss when you want to express your feelings in writing. There is much that you can communicate using emoji communication, starting from different conditions like sickness or injury, various professional situations and much more. These new emojis aim at providing this wide choice to users. There is gender balance and even a selfie arm included in the list.


Many of us show an avid interest in clicking photographs with our phone camera. This may be your passion too. With the new update you can save your favorite settings and filters. Your camera will not go back to default settings. You will no longer need to reset it every time you use your phone camera. All you do is scroll to the preserve setting and click the settings you want to keep.



The emergency SOS feature of Apple watches is all set to come to your hand held devices. This feature works almost like magic. You won’t need to take your phone out of your pocket or dial a number in an emergency. Press down on your on/off button five times to activate emergency services responses in 14 participating countries within three seconds. Your emergency contacts on health apps will be alerted about your call and your location, if you have set them up. This feature is under testing in India at the moment and can be deactivated in general settings.

iOS 10.2 is set to fix another annoying problem you probably face- that of losing a message mid sentence in the quick response mode if you suddenly switch to full screen.


Now you can send celebration messages from your iPhones and iPads with the celebration screen filter. A touch, toggle and swipe send out a sparkler animation that you will be ready to die for.

The latest iPhones 7 and 7 plus owners have more to enjoy and rejoice for. This update gives them three brand new wall paper options for lock screen and background. They come as brightly colored water droplets that move when you select the “perspective” option on your phone. No more static wall papers for you.

Apple has demoed a new TV app and made it available to some users already. Soon it will update on all devices. It will be the focal point of your choice of TV content and video subscriptions.

Get ready to welcome the new and innovative features of the iOS app template and enjoy them. They are coming your way soon.

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