How to Design an Awesome Mobile App Template

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Designing a mobile app certainly requires artistic inclination with accurate technical knowledge. Composing a design that includes all the features required by the business and meeting all the expectations of a user is quite a task! The screen size, the processing power, the limited hardware features all add up to the challenges. Yet we find amazing designs and mobile app built with the latest features and functionality.

There are plenty of mobile app templates that are available for ready use online. You can instantly download them and use them for your next project.

Mobile App Template

Well, if you are planning to develop a mobile app for your business, here’s how you can design an awesome app for your business:

Be a user to understand what’s required

Even before you think of what your business wants, think about what your users or customers might want from the app. Be a user yourself and think about what features you want an app to provide you with. User expectations from a mobile app are completely different from business requirements.

Focus on the platforms

There are two major platforms for mobile application development – the Android and the iOS. Both of these operating systems have new versions released recently. Android released the 7.0 on 22nd August and iOS 10 is expected in mid September. Make sure that you research the new features that you can take advantage of for your mobile app. Using the latest and greatest technology will help you design apps that are future ready.

Existing patterns

Mobile apps follow a pattern. Innovation is always good, but generally, people are more comfortable using familiar interfaces and buttons. They expect the back button to be exactly where they are used to seeing it. They expect the drop down menu to slide in a familiar fashion. Well, there are several ways to accomplish the same action – but it is a good idea to give your users familiar interfaces to work with. Familiarity is the key!


If you are looking for inspiration, there are plenty of mobile app templates available for you to download and use. Some of these templates are available for free and some for a fee. Select the one that suits your business and check out the layout, the logical flow from one screen to another and get inspired by the unique designs!

Well, designing a mobile app for today’s customer focused market required you to step into the shoes of a customer and then decide what features need to be included in the mobile application.

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