How To Look For The Right Master App Template?

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Be it Android or iOS app, the first step to design a mobile app template is to get the code. So, here you will some of the best tips to get the code to design iOS and Android app templates. There are a lot of developers who are new to templates, which is exactly why they fail to choose the right one. They are not able to select the source code which is easy to work with and the one that makes money.

The development strategy should be such that the app gets approved for the store at the earliest. However, when it comes to templates, there are a few steps that are needed to be performed at the earliest in order to save time and money.

1. Source code candidates filtration

The first step is to look for the codes to make a template. One good way to do that is go through the top charts or the apps which are new in market. Look at them and find out what looks the most attractive in them. There are high chances you get readily available code from those hit apps which can be used to mimic. You can put down the realistic codes together which seem to be ideal for making template. Instead of buying code, you can start with a familiar app from the store, if you have already published apps in the store.

master app template2. Is your code polished?

The code should be polished and completely ready for the mass production. So, the trick is to select an application which has been completed and tested. Also, you must get the users for testing your app and getting feedback. Once users test your app and give positive feedback, it is safe to proceed with making a template. Also, all the features and functionalities should be essentially completed. If you feel that app doesn’t have all the features, you should not use it.

3. Check for OS updates

You need to make sure that your code is up to date and the first step to do that is to check for OS updates. You must go through ‘What’s New’ and Forums constantly in order to stay ahead of competition. Also, keep an eye on App review guidelines and support page. It is a good practice to set reminders in your emails to update codes in calendar.

4. Update all SDKs

The coder should remain updated constantly and check all the SKUs; not a single one should be missed unless you want rejection. Of course, it is difficult to update SDK, but it is a part of the development process and you just cannot get rid of it.

5. Document everything

It is always a wise idea to create a manual for an app, and that too in such a way that if the need be, to hand over the app to a complete stranger, he would know what to do. So, make a document that has got all the coding information and development process.

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