How to Select the Right Template for Your Android App

Mobile apps demands have increased exponentially and so have the demands for ‘rapid development’ methods. Androids are by far the most widely used smart phones of today. Android apps for various industry verticals are available and so are Android app templates that make development a piece of cake!

But there are so many templates available to select from, how would you know which is the right one for your business? Here are a few tips that will help you:

Randomly browsing websites?

It always begins with randomly browsing websites. Keep browsing Android apps templates on various websites. You will get a basic idea of what each website offers and what are the limitations. Some websites give you the complete code and some give you the ability to customize it. Some sites also offer customization services. So keep browsing so that you know your options. Don’t randomly browse sites with the hope of accidently stumbling upon the right app template. Browse to understand your options.

Understand the various types and categories of android app templates

While browsing, you will realize that there are a few distinct categories of app templates that are very popular. You have apps for event booking, retail, fashion, taxi booking, personal assistant, restaurant booking, travel app, social networking apps, chat apps and lots more. Just check out the apps that have features that are closes to your requirements. Make sure you check out the demo or the trial files. This would give you an idea of whether the template logic and flow from one screen to another matches your business logic.


Clearly list out the features you are expecting your app to have

Make sure that you have a list of features ready. Unless you know what you want, you are not going to find it. Well, the right template is the one that fulfills all your business requirements and probably provides you with some trending features too. Make sure that your feature list is ready and while browsing for templates select the closest match. It need not be an exact match as there are always options for customization. That’s the charm of using mobile templates.

Customization is always an option

Many app template creators offer services for customization. This is essential to maintain the uniqueness of the app. You do not want your app to look like a million others who downloaded the same app template. You can avail these services and get a fresh look for your app. Well, it’s not just about the looks. If you have some feature to be added or some unnecessary features to be removed, that’s possible too.

So, with Android app templates, you can easily create apps as per your business requirements. You customize them as per your requirement and instantly get to the task of development without wasting too much time, money and energy around the design. That’s the true charm of downloading a ready template – use it as it is or customize it – you can surely reduce the development time!

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