iOS Icon Designs – Do’s and Don’ts

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The icon of your app is the first thing people see when they browse through the app store and need to decide whether or not to download the app. Each genre has hundreds of apps and it’s really easy for your app to get lost in the maze – unless your icon strikes them as something unique and attractive.

In order to create such designs, here are a few basic dos and don’ts you need to follow:


  • Uniqueness – Always remember that your icon is your ‘mobile representative’ so make it unique. Do some research if needed and make sure that it does not look like any other app’s icon.
  • Simplicity and creativity – Your icon does not have to be too complicated to stand out. Use your creativity and create a very simple icon that reflects your business.
  • Select colors carefully – The idea is to use a limited color palette. Unless your business demands it, use only the colors that your other business materials use. So, select the colors carefully for your app.
  • Accurately depict your business – Make sure that your app is an extension of your business. Do not make it look too much out of the place.
  • Test your icon on different backgrounds – Do not forget to test your icon on different backgrounds and ensure that it is legible on all of them.
  • Use perspective – Using perspective while you design makes your icon stand out and get noticed sooner than the others.

Dos & dont icon design


  • Use too many elements – Cramming too many elements in one small icon definitely beats the very purpose of having an icon. An icon should aptly represent your business with a very minimal and simple design.
  • Use of photos – Use of photos in a design is a not such a good idea too. The icon should represent the essence of the app, so design something that will help you accomplish that.
  • Only texts- Writing too much text in a small app will definitely not serve the purpose. The user will not be able to read what you have written clearly and hence the very purpose of having an icon is defeated.
  • Transparency – While designing an icon, bold is always good. Transparency makes the icon look different on different backgrounds and the consistency is lost. It might even look bad on some of the backgrounds.

Above all, design an icon that your business can count on to increase app downloads and hence app success. you can also use a ready made ios app template that contain unique icon as well.

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