Mobile App Templates for Every Industry

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Many businesses of today are rapidly diving into the new era of mobile apps that have opened up new opportunities and better channels for marketing. However mobile apps development is a time consuming process and a pricy one too. That’s one reason why many small businesses shy away from mobile apps. Shoveling a lot of money and too much time on a simple app is just not acceptable for these businesses! The good news is that there are quicker options available – Mobile apps templates are the quickest way to get there!

Mobile application templates are basically pre-built app designs complete with images, buttons and tabs and you can start by inputting your own company details there and speed up the development process.

There are plenty of places you can download these app templates. They are available for either free or at a minimal price – definitely cheaper than paying for an app designer! Well, if you are worried about the design suiting your industry requirements, here are a few mobile app templates categories for every industry vertical:

General small business templates
Sometimes, all that a small business needs is a simple mobile app. Small businesses can target customers and promote their products more efficiently via mobile apps. Templates are a quick and easy way to kick start your ‘go mobile’ mission.


Consulting mobile app templates
Consulting companies need apps to help customers reach them anywhere, anytime. You can grab an app template and enter your details and customize it as per your needs!

Security Agency
With the latest technology, apps can be easily integrated to cloud and other enterprise software giving security agents anytime anywhere access to business resources and reporting problems and updating incidents. Grab an app template for security and customize it for your company!

Mobile store
Ecommerce is a booming industry and mobile stores are getting popular by the day. Grab your mobile commerce template and get into mobile commerce with quick customizations as per your store needs.

Real estate
Real estate industry could definitely benefit with a mobile version of their business. It gets agents, properties and customers closer!


Logistics and transportation companies can take advantage of apps to drive more business due to the quick access features of an app.

Law firm mobile app
Law firms can help people by spreading awareness of their local regulations and ask for instant help from a lawyer via an app.

Finance mobile app
Finance mobile apps are of many types. You can even have apps for keeping track of stock trends and banking purposes too.

Fitness club
Fitness clubs can enroll people for various kinds of mobile apps. They can share their latest offers and latest fitness needs too.

Beauty solon
Beauty salons can take advantage of mobile apps to tempt their customers to try out their new styles and new discounts for products that they sell.

Health care mobile app
Health care mobile apps that can help customers with great health tips as well as help them find a doctor or a hospital nearby are very handy.

There are several other industries that can benefit from a mobile app template to quickly go mobile such as school mobile app, blogger app, restaurant booking app, sports Apps and religious apps. You can choose the template you like and get started!

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