Most Popular App Categories For 2017

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With the mobile market seeing an exponential rise, and the mobile app development market following suite, 2016 saw a dominating distribution of a variety of mobile app categories that were most popular. As we move into this New Year, 2017, there are a few app categories that continue to innovate and build momentum on the way.

Here are a few app categories that are expected to remain at the top of the app market in 2017

Social Apps are still popular and will remain so

Social media has been on the top of the list for quite some time. The power and ubiquity of social media cannot be ignored! Facebook is still the top ranked social media with 1.8 billion users worldwide. If that’s not enough, the company has steadily been growing for over a decade now. Social media apps and chat-apps have seen a steady rising trend in terms of download, usage and user retention. Direct interpersonal communication by text, audio and video is what makes these apps very popular.

It’s the weather apps that are taking over the popularity lists
Weather apps are also seen high up on the list. Since mobile phones have become such a handy device, people prefer to check the weather before they travel or move out of the house. Checking weather conditions at their destinations can also help them travel – well equipped for then they get there.

Building Robust Web Browsers
The never ending quest for creating a really good mobile browser continues. One that does not suddenly crash, one that has great speed of execution and that does not hand just when you have found the right link! Buggy interfaces that freeze are out and browsers for mobile apps has been the among the most popular mobile apps in the list.

Gaming Apps

Rummy Game
Mobile games have been popular forever! From the very simple ones to the most complicated ones – every user has at least one game on their mobile phone. Mobile games have a wide variety of users. Those who play for leisure, those who play as experts and those who play more seriously! Entry level games are popular, but the more professional multilayer games are more popular than ever!

Streaming music
There’s not one person who does not listen to music or enjoy it. They type of music may change, but there is music everywhere – especially on everyone’s smartphones! Well, this also means that the streaming music app category sits on the top of the list of the most popular in the mobile apps arena! Well, streaming music – especially the cloud based apps are preferred by most users so that it saves a lot of space on the already small mobile device. Furthermore music apps depend on the bandwidth available – which is becoming more and more affordable with the various carrier networks working towards making it more within the budget of – everyone!

Trends change very frequently and there are new trends seen in every other day. 2016 saw a lot of interesting app categories on the top. It’s time to check what 2017 has in store! Only time will tell!

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