Most Popular iOS App Templates to Inspire Your Next Project

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Developing mobile apps is not easy. There are so many types of businesses and so many things to consider in terms of features, looks and navigation that it sometimes gets a little tough to decide where to begin. As always we turn to the internet for inspiration. That’s right if you are a mobile application developer and are looking for inspiration for your next project, you are at the right place.

Android and iOS app templates are the first place you should be looking for. It is not always possible to conjure up something from your head. This is exactly why templates are so useful. The good part is that you can download them instantly and use them for your next project.

iPhones are very popular and the demand for iOS Apps is increasing. This is exactly why the demand for iOS app templates is also increasing. Here are some of the app templates that will inspire you for your next project:

Chats Corner

Social media apps are very popular and this chatting app template provides you with just the right tools to build a social app for connecting with your loved ones.


Event Booky

If you are enthusiastic enough to attend all of the interesting events in town, this app is perfect for you. You can select an event and book your place within a few taps and swipes on your screen!

Event Bookey ios

Home Hunt

Home hunt was never easy and never will be. WAIT – until you have an app to guide you! You can look for your dream house within a few taps on your screen, fix appointments and meet owners or agents and talk to them too!

HomeHunt IOS

Taxi App

This iOS app is especially built for those travelers who wish to book their taxis before hand and then enjoy the convenience of the ride! So, of you are looking for building a taxi booking app, this taxi booking app template is perfect for you!


Inspiration is everywhere; you can download a ready template and use it. You will be amazed by how much you can accomplish in a very small time!

Get inspire for your next iOS app development project by browsing our unique templates here. They are all predesigned and ready to use. Simply download one of the template and make your next iOS apps development project a grand success!