What’s New in iOS 10? What’s in it for iOS Developers?

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With iOS 10 that will be shipped with iPhone 7 around mid September, a whole new revolution will be seen in the world of iOS application development. As developers eagerly await this version to be launched along with the latest iPhone 7, we have gathered a few features that this smart operating system includes. This… more

4 Myths of Mobile App Templates

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Mobile app templates are becoming popular by the day and many developers prefer templates for rapid development and quick project delivery. However, there are a few misconceptions about these templates being too rigid and limited in functionality. Many a times, businesses and developers hesitate to download ready templates due to this. Are mobile app templates… more

What Exactly is Included in Templates for Android

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Templates for Android are becoming popular by the day. They provide developers with a means to deliver mobile apps to their customers in a quick and convenient manner. These templates come with easy to use interfaces and have a complete logic flow from one screen to the other. Android templates contain a basic format of… more

All You Need To Know About Templates for iOS

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Mobile app templates are becoming a topic of debate. Some say that they are a good resource for developers and some say that they are too stereotypic and limit the creativity that can be developed by custom mobile apps. Templates for iOS have been around for a long time and have been used successfully by… more

To Buy Mobile Apps Templates or Use the Free Ones?

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It is a known fact that mobile app templates accelerate development and help businesses go mobile sooner. You can customize these templates and give them a unique look and feel to represent your business accurately. These templates have ready designs and by downloading a template, you get the source code, the PSD file as well… more

4 Things to Consider before You Develop an Android App

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Going mobile has become imperative for all businesses whether large or small. If you wish to take your business to the next level and target a larger customer base, mobility is the only option. But before you begin, it is highly essential that you understand what part of the business could be logically mobilized and… more

How can iOS App Templates Aid Your next Mobile Apps Development Project

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From app idea to app store  – the task of a developer is taxing enough! Working with designers, ensuring all the features are included in the design, getting the design approved from the client and then adding features as per the functionality required by the app. The entire process is not only extensive, but also… more

Mobile App Design – Where do I begin?

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With the mobile market experiencing an exponential surge, mobile apps are no longer considered as ‘nice to have’. They are a ‘must have’ aspect of any business. Whether you are a small local business or a large business, going mobile can definitely take you to the next level. If you haven’t yet thought of a… more

Use Android App Templates To Go Mobile Sooner!

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The massive growth of the Android market has only resulted in greater demand for Android apps. In a world where everything needs to be quick, many businesses do not wish to wait endlessly for getting their mobile apps developed. As an answer to this, many rapid development techniques evolved. The most popular way to quickly… more

Most Popular iOS App Templates to Inspire Your Next Project

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Developing mobile apps is not easy. There are so many types of businesses and so many things to consider in terms of features, looks and navigation that it sometimes gets a little tough to decide where to begin. As always we turn to the internet for inspiration. That’s right if you are a mobile application… more

Awesome Mobile App Template You Can Try! [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Getting Started With Mobile Apps Was Never So Easy!

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As mobile apps sweep the technology market, all other desktop technologies begin to look old. Well, every business in town is already mobile and those who are not are working in that direction. That’s how important mobile apps have become. Whether you are a local dentist or a fashion store, if you have a mobile… more

Custom Android Apps Design Vs Templates

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Designs, whether for the web or for mobile applications need to be unique in looks. This is one of the most important factors for a designer to bear in mind. A designer cannot repeat designs for different businesses. That said, it seems as though custom design is the best option. If you are building a… more

Real Estate Mobile App Template – Get Your App Developed Quickly!

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There are many people there struggling to locate the perfect place that they can call home for life! It’s probably the most important decisions of their lives and they want to do all the research possible. Physically visiting real estate properties and getting information from agents could be quite a task. It gets even more… more

Instant Home Hunt App Development – Download This Template!

Moving to a new city or finding accommodation is quite a task. Meeting real estate agents, getting a list of properties, short listing the ones that suit your budget and your liking and then visiting each site individually to finalize one place where you wish to live! Quite a daunting task! Well, what if you… more

Dallizio App Template For Foodies To Order Your Favorite Delicacies From Your Favorite Restaurants!

Eat outs and take away are becoming a popular way of living. Even more popular is ordering food. Calling a restaurant and waiting in queue for your turn for placing orders is quite a frustrating task. Mobile apps for restaurants have hence become a convenient and popular way of ordering food. It improves customer service… more

Event Booky Application Template For Android and iOS

There are so many interesting events in town, but finding a common place to book tickets for the same is a daunting task. If you wish to create a single ticket booking point for all the plays, movies, music concerts and other events in your city or town, the Event Booky App could be a… more

How To Look For The Right Master App Template?

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Be it Android or iOS app, the first step to design a mobile app template is to get the code. So, here you will some of the best tips to get the code to design iOS and Android app templates. There are a lot of developers who are new to templates, which is exactly why… more

5 Ways To Avoid Mobile App Failure

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Mobile apps need to be designed and developed with a clear vision. If not, they will fail to meet the expectations of customers. In order to build perfect apps, you will need to follow a plan, hire the right people and design them with careful thinking. The apps should be well coded and tested before… more

Mobile App Development Testing Types

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Mobile app testing is an important part of the process of mobile app development for android and iOS. You can simply ask any mobile app developer about mobile app testing and you will come to know about its importance in the procedure of analysis to deployment of that mobile app. It is very much necessary… more