Tips to Follow for Impressive Mobile App Designs

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Mobile app design plays an important role in the app success ratio.  When you make a decision of developing a mobile application, developer should try his best to make bring stickiness into the application. It will help you to keep users engaged and connected for a long with your mobile application. Ultimately the main purpose… more

Chat Corner: Chatting App Template for Android and iOS

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Meeting and chatting with new people is what everyone likes to do. Most of the people use chatting applications on their smart phones. This way chatting is now all time favourite activity of all smart phone users and this is leads mobile app developers towards chatting mobile app development for Android and iOS. If one… more

Home Hunt: A Real Estate Mobile App Template

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Developing mobile application for real estate is one of the most useful concepts for users. Home is the basic need of any person on this earth but making a decision of buying any property is one of the most confusing decisions for anyone, as it is a long term investment, one should think twice before… more

Restaurant Mobile App Development: Chillies Mobile App Template for Android and iOS

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Developing mobile applications for restaurants is an amazing idea, which will surely work out for making money and profit in an effective manner. As we all know, developing mobile applications is a procedure that requires many phases like requirement gathering, designing, developing, testing and deploying. For all restaurant owners, planning a restaurant application for business… more

Taxi App Template: Make Your Taxi App More Effective With This Mobile App Template

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Mobile app templates are an easy and affordable way for mobile application development for any mobile app developer. These ready to use templates are available with a wide range of categories and also they are available for both Android mobile app and iOS mobile app. Developers just simply need to make a selection for a… more

Mobile App Template: Things to Know Before Get Started

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Mobile app development is becoming necessary with time and technology advancement. An invention of smart device is bringing a need of mobile app development for both android and IOS. Development of mobile app includes a series of phases. One of them is designing an application. App designing is one of the most important part for… more

Mobile App Template: Integrate and Increase App Performance

Android and iOS are two platforms, that rule the mobile application development world in this modern time. Because of the constant updates and launches of new devices with latest technology support, mobile app developers for Android and iOS are developing innovative apps to support all this new technology. Smart mobile apps that keep the users… more

Mobile App Template – A Smart Choice of Smart Developers

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With the advent of advanced technology mobile devices and smartphones, the demand for mobile application development is also increasing. This application development process involves various phases like analysis, designing, development and deployment. There are so many platforms available for mobile application development and also there are a number of options available to deploy applications. Thus… more

Building a Mobile App without Extensive Programming Experience

The hottest prospect today is to be on the Application market, be it a food ordering application or an apparel marketplace or just an informational application showcasing the highlights of the company. Business of applications is the fastest growing industry with everyone focusing on mobile centric features. But can somebody with limited or no mobile… more

Best App Templates That Have Benefited Various Industry Verticals

Mobile apps are increasingly taking over more percentage of time spent on mobile devices by users. Well, statistics show that 86% of the time spent by a user on a smartphone is commanded by an app as opposed to web browsing. Smartphones have truly revolutionized our ways of life. The smartphone penetration in our daily… more

Top 6 Benefits of iOS App Templates

With the constant increase in the release of app development tools and platforms, the competition is increasing at a rapid pace. We come across new and innovative ways to develop websites and mobile apps even more quickly and effectively. A lot of content management systems exist which help you build websites in such a way… more

Classification of Mobile Apps Templates

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Mobile apps are an indispensible part of our lives. We have moved from a world of the web to the world of apps. With mobile apps your business can reach out to a million users and convert them to customers. The rising apps demands needed to be met with rapid mobile apps development. A perfect… more

Mobile App Templates for Every Industry

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Many businesses of today are rapidly diving into the new era of mobile apps that have opened up new opportunities and better channels for marketing. However mobile apps development is a time consuming process and a pricy one too. That’s one reason why many small businesses shy away from mobile apps. Shoveling a lot of… more

How to Select the Right Template for Your Android App

Mobile apps demands have increased exponentially and so have the demands for ‘rapid development’ methods. Androids are by far the most widely used smart phones of today. Android apps for various industry verticals are available and so are Android app templates that make development a piece of cake! But there are so many templates available… more

Undeniable App Template Benefits

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Mobile apps almost seem to be a mandate for businesses who aim to grow rapidly and reach out to a wide target audience in a short time. Well, the demand for mobile apps has increased manifold and has made app developers think about ‘rapid development techniques’. One such method for creating apps quickly is the… more

Awesome iOS App Templates You Can Try!

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iOS App Templates especially built to ease development efforts are just in! Developers who love to deliver high quality apps quickly to customers can leverage from the app templates that are designed especially for this purpose. These app templates are specially made with the intent to enable rapid development with high quality designs that can… more

Types of Android Applications

Android apps development has been a growing field for a long time now. Developers and designers are constantly looking at ways and means to simplify the process of development. When website development was at its peak, designers provided developers with website templates to ease the process of development by providing them with ready templates that… more

Top 4 Mistakes to avoid when choosing Mobile App Template

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In this smart world, where every mobile application development company wants to grow their business in no time, they are always looking for ways to build the apps in faster and easier way. The best way to do that is to buy mobile application template for Android and iOS apps and then customize it as… more

Mobile Application Templates – Top Three Business Benefits

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With the advancement in technology, there has been continuous evolution in the variety of tools to develop the website efficiently and quickly. A huge number of frameworks can be used to build them like WordPress, Magento and Joomla. If you use these tools and CMS for building websites, it saves you a lot of time… more