Preview of the Android Studio 2.2

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Android Studio 2.2 has a lot to offer. Its features are sure to excite users and make them eager to upgrade to the new version. With this upgrade Android continues to focus on fast and integrated development environment once again. Android Studio 2.2 has been developed in sync with Android platform and has been built keeping in mind your feedback gathered through the last three years. The outcome is awesome. Some 92% of the 125 apps and games developers at Google Play now use Android Studio. This preview brings to you the highlights of the features covering designing interface and building and debugging apps in new ways.

The Android Studio comes with a new layout editor. You can change or modify layouts faster and much more easily now. It visually designs the layout of the app you are developing. The constraint layout helps in expressing complex UIs without the need to nest multiple layouts. It is both powerful and flexible. The layout inspector works to debug of your layout running either on an emulator or on a device.

Android Studio’s Firebase service is a great way to explore and integrate services. The enhanced code analysis checks the quality of the code used for developing of Android app. You can jump start your app development now using the sample browser of Android Studio. You can also edit, build or debug previous Android projects and use a single debugger mode to process codes in different languages.


If you use the new jack compiler then you will find support for annotation processing. Use the merged manifest viewer to diagnose app dependences across variant designs.

Use the app you design like a normal user, the Espresso Test recorder generates reusable and editable codes for you simplifying your work and saving your time.

Add to these more detailed advantages of the Android Studio 2.2 template. You can now drag and drop widgets to your design surface, use the blueprint mode of your design surface to view and decide on the spacing and arrangement of your layout. You have a properties panel that permits you to select the properties for widgets to be edited quickly. And the UI builder allows you to edit menu and preference files.

The constraint layout is flexible enough for you to create user interface without the need to nest various layouts for your app. The built in template generates this constraint layout for you. You can use the layout inspector by clicking on the Android Monitor Window for Android studio to produce snapshots.

Add Firebase to new or existing Android apps with the Assistant window. The code sample browser is ready to provide you with sample codes you can use for your app development.

With these new and improved features of the Android Studio 2.2 template for android apps your app development has become easy and simple.

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