Real Estate Mobile App Template – Get Your App Developed Quickly!

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There are many people there struggling to locate the perfect place that they can call home for life! It’s probably the most important decisions of their lives and they want to do all the research possible. Physically visiting real estate properties and getting information from agents could be quite a task. It gets even more difficult to compare rates and take a decision quickly. Well, what if all this is possible within a few taps and swipes on your mobile screens?

This is exactly what the real estate mobile app template is all about. If you wish to build a mobile app for real estate listings, downloading this template is a good place to start. It gives developers a good place to begin coding as it has all the design aspects of the app already coded. Real estate agents and house owners only need to list their properties for sale or for rent and users who are looking for a property can instantly call the owners or agents with a simple tap on the screen.

The following screens are already designed for you in this app template:

  • HomeHunt_androidSplash Screen
  • Discover Screen
  • Info Screen
  • Location Screen
  • Nearby Screen
  • Floor Plan Screen
  • About Screen
  • Contact Screen
  • Search Screen

With the download, you get the following:

  • A sample xCode project
  • Original PSD’s of the design so that you can customize it.
  • 25+ Sliced PNG’s in Retina (@2x) and non-retina resolutions

Other than all this, the app is beautifully designed to attract the right audience. It is compatible with the latest versions of Android and iOS. It has all the features and logic pre-built and saves you hours of work during development. Development guidelines are adhered to and this greatly helps in app approvals on all the major App Stores.