Restaurant Mobile App Development: Chillies Mobile App Template for Android and iOS

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Developing mobile applications for restaurants is an amazing idea, which will surely work out for making money and profit in an effective manner. As we all know, developing mobile applications is a procedure that requires many phases like requirement gathering, designing, developing, testing and deploying.

chillies_androidFor all restaurant owners, planning a restaurant application for business enhancement, Chillies is the best app template that you can use. This app template is available for both Android and iOS. Developers can simply download it and implement functionalities through coding. The template contains a rich UI with a great interface. Developers can simply edit it and develop a functional application according to various requirements.  Also the app contains an interactive slide menu, which will be helpful for implementing features like displaying restaurant info, menu and implementing shopping cart for online ordering feature etc.  With the help of smart devices like iPhone or Android, mobile developers can simply implement online payment by integrating any of the payment gateways. It is also convenient for users to make a payment for second time, as once he will go through the procedure information will get saved in the application automatically.

This amazing mobile app template for restaurant application comes with the following features:

  • Splash screen
  • Menu screen for restaurant menu implementation
  • Home screen
  • About screen for restaurant history
  • Location screen for locating it
  • Gallery for images

If you are planning to build restaurant application, then this one is the perfect one for you. You can simply get this mobile app template for your Android mobile application development or iOS mobile application development as well and increase your business in an effective manner. This template is available at a very minor price with a bundle of features and attractive and user friendly environment to deal with.