The Best App Templates of 2016

December 19th, 2016 by admin in Mobile Apps Template No Comments »

As the year 2016 comes to an end, we look back and take a look at some of our best app templates and the worst. Although we shall rejoice for those that did very well in the mobile market, there are definitely lessons to learn from those that did not.

Here is a sneak peek at the app templates for Android and iOS:

The chat corner
Social apps for chatting and connecting with friends and family have always been popular. This app was designed with a wide target audience in mind. The app is ageless and has all the features that are popular among the regular chatters. Chat corner app template has pre-built functionalities that can save you a hundred hours of development time and testing the design.

Dallizio App template
Restaurants have been opting for mobile apps more frequently in the past few years. Restaurants benefit from mobile apps in terms of increased reservations for lunch and dinners. They also benefit from the increased visibility they get via a mobile phone. Dallizio app template saw a lot of downloads and positive feedback from developers who used them.

Home hunt
Home hunt apps saw a steep rise as the real estate industry saw a boom recently. The app has all the features ready to use. It displays the available properties and also displays details of it’s location, it’s vicinity to the major landmarks and a lot of convenient features to make your home hint easy. Home hunt app template has seen a number of downloads too and has been among the top mobile app templates this year.

Taxi App Template
The taxi booking app has all the features necessary to help book a cab to travel from destination A to destination B. It helps you locate the destination on a map and displays the most convenient route to take in order to get there. This app however is industry specific and is getting popular by the day. 2016 however did not see as many downloads for taxi app template.

Mobile app templates provide developers with a means to quickly create mobile apps by entirely skipping the design phase. These templates are designed with all the necessary functionality that is required to begin development right away. The images, color and a few other elements of the app can be easily changed to make the app look unique to your business.