Top 10 Tips to Earn More Money With Your App

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We live in an age where digitization and mobilization is the way of life. Ever since 2014, the mobile usage has been surpassing the usage of PCs or any other electronic device for that matter. Smartphones have become a single point of access to the internet adn mobile apps account for 89% of the time spent on the mobile. Around 72% of digital ad spending is being diverted towards mobile ads. It’s hence vital for businesses to leverage from their mobile apps and use them to advertise and in turn earn more money. Here are Top 10 marketing tips that can help you earn more money from your mobile app.

1. Contact the press
Journalists are always on the lookout for fresh stories. You can pitch stories about your app to popular bloggers, journalists and writers. Their existing readership could be a great target audience for the promotion of your app.

2. Create a website or a landing page
Other than uploading it to the various app stores, make sure that your app has a website or a landing page that describes the app and its features.

3. Leverage from popular social media platforms
Conduct some research on your targeted audience and find out what social media platform they use the most. Create a page especially for the app and share compelling and engaging information with your customers. In this way, your app can receive significantly more downloads.

4. Podcast
You can either start your own podcast or advertise on one of the popular ones. If you are using an existing podcast, try to find one that targets your specific niche. It really helps create a buzz around your app.

5. Guest Blogging
Guest blogging could be a great way to market your mobile apps. Find bloggers who cater to similar audience and write a guest post. Exchanging a link in the author bio is a great idea. Take advantage of their existing readership and you can get more downloads for your app.

6. Public speaking
Public speaking is a great way to establish yourself as an authority and it provides free advertising for your app too.

7. Write a blog
Adding a blog to your current website and writing about the topics that are related to your mobile app is a great idea.

8. Make promotional videos
Creating simple videos that show the functioning of the app or how to use it is a great way to promote your app. You can share these videos on major video sharing platforms and share it across social media too.

9. Facebook group
Find Facebook groups that cater to similar audiences and share information and links about your app there. You can also create your own group to share information on Facebook.

10. App review websites
Another great way to create a buzz about your app is to get great reviews not only on the app store but also an all the most popular app review sites.

Make sure that you market your app well to see returns on your investment sooner!

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