Use Android App Templates To Go Mobile Sooner!

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The massive growth of the Android market has only resulted in greater demand for Android apps. In a world where everything needs to be quick, many businesses do not wish to wait endlessly for getting their mobile apps developed. As an answer to this, many rapid development techniques evolved. The most popular way to quickly develop an Android App is to conveniently download a template and customize it.

The very first question that is asked is – What about uniqueness? Well, the answer to this is similar to what was done about websites a decade back. Even if two users download the same template or theme, it could always be customized to suit the business’ requirements. So, no two websites or no two mobile apps ever look the same even if they are developed from the same template.

These templates are generally open source. Meaning, you get the entire source code and the PSD. You can then edit the images, add functionality an also edit the color scheme. You can turn the template into a completely unique one that represents your business.


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This is definitely easier than using a paper and pencil and designing your Android app from scratch. Furthermore, it reduces the development time to almost half. You get a ready design which not only includes the ‘look’ of your app, but also the flow of logic from one screen to another and the entire navigation of the app from start to finish and back. All you need to do is to make it more relevant to your business theme and aim.

The idea is to go mobile sooner and take advantage of the mobile explosion to grow your business. There are many places where you can get high quality Android App Templates from. Many websites will also provide you with customization services so that you do not have to run around looking for someone to customize them for you.

Most of these companies have designers and developers who can customize the template selected and provide you with a fully finished mobile app for your business!

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