What You Need to Know About Android’s Material Design

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Material design is Google’s conceptual design philosophy that outlines how apps should look like and how they should work on various mobile devices. The philosophy breaks down everything – such as animation, style, layout, etc. and gives guidance on patterns, components and usability as well.

Here are a few basic principles of material design:

Realistic visual cues

Material DesignThe design is inspired by actual designs that are done with paper and ink, and are grounded in reality. They provide users with a better interactive experience as they provide realistic visual cues.

Bold, graphic and intentional

The typography, the grids, space, scale and color – all form an integral part of the design. All elements have a defined space within the design and a definite hierarchy too. The color choices and the type choices look bold enough and deliberate too.

Motion that provides meaning

Animation is one of the key components of material design. This does not mean that it ‘needs’ to be there just for the sake of movement. These animations need to happen in a single environment and provide a certain amount of focus to the design. They should also enable simple and easy transitions. In short, the movements and transitions should simulate the real world.

Overall, material design offers you a sleek, simplified and engaging interface that requires minimal input and delivers the most efficient and effective output. It provides a pre-defined set of styles and hence has consistency across all screens and viewports sizes. It is a cumulative of all the best features of flat designs and any other design trends and is perfect for today’s modern day users with trendy smartphones. It simply exemplifies the user experience while using your app. This layered design provides a simple visual style and high usability and is growing in popularity by the day!

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