What’s New in iOS 10? What’s in it for iOS Developers?

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With iOS 10 that will be shipped with iPhone 7 around mid September, a whole new revolution will be seen in the world of iOS application development. As developers eagerly await this version to be launched along with the latest iPhone 7, we have gathered a few features that this smart operating system includes.

This smart operating system from Apple has promising features to build powerful apps and iOS apps templates.

Here are a few features:

  • iOS 10 is compatible with iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iPod touch 6th gen or higher. This operating system will not support iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPod touch 5th gen so, it’s time to upgrade.
  • The iOS rise to wake feature enable you to just pick up the phone and it shall ‘wake up’.
  • The slide to unloack is now gone and is replaced by ‘Press Home to Open”.
  • Rich lock screen notifications have been introduced. Now, there is no need to leave the homescreen for quick reads and replies to messages.
  • iPhone 7 is water resistant and subsequently, the iOS 10 will warn the user of possible water damage and provide users with instructions.

ios10 features

  • The control center is effectively decluttered.
  • You can now talk to Siri normally. Siri can now also interact with third party apps. A great new feature for developers to take advantage of. You can actually ask Siri to “Tell Nancy on WeChat that you will be five minutes late.”
  • Siri is also ready for third party apps such as Whatsapp, Slack and Uber
  • iOS 10 can automatically put pieces together to create a photo album for you.
  • The Apple maps in this version of the operating system are way better. Although they aren’t as good as Google Maps, they are a great improvement over the previous versions of the Apple Maps.

These were just a few features that could have an impact on the mobile apps development and could help iOS app template creators to take advantage of and create innovative apps for iPhones.

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