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What is an iPhone App Template?

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Mobile apps have completely taken over the market and every business large or small are developing mobile apps for their business. iPhones have the advantage of a very targeted customer base. iPhone applications have been in demand for quite some time now. The only challenge here is that developing an iPhone app is not very… more

Get a Sneak Preview of iOS 10.2’s Best New Features

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Apple’s latest update: get to know its features Apps updates are regular and routine. Have you ever wondered what is new in these updates? Well, here are the new features that Apple’s latest update will bring you. The iOS template will be richer with these features incorporated into it. And these will be available across… more

iOS Icon Designs – Do’s and Don’ts

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The icon of your app is the first thing people see when they browse through the app store and need to decide whether or not to download the app. Each genre has hundreds of apps and it’s really easy for your app to get lost in the maze – unless your icon strikes them as… more

What’s New in iOS 10? What’s in it for iOS Developers?

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With iOS 10 that will be shipped with iPhone 7 around mid September, a whole new revolution will be seen in the world of iOS application development. As developers eagerly await this version to be launched along with the latest iPhone 7, we have gathered a few features that this smart operating system includes. This… more

All You Need To Know About Templates for iOS

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Mobile app templates are becoming a topic of debate. Some say that they are a good resource for developers and some say that they are too stereotypic and limit the creativity that can be developed by custom mobile apps. Templates for iOS have been around for a long time and have been used successfully by… more

How can iOS App Templates Aid Your next Mobile Apps Development Project

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From app idea to app store  – the task of a developer is taxing enough! Working with designers, ensuring all the features are included in the design, getting the design approved from the client and then adding features as per the functionality required by the app. The entire process is not only extensive, but also… more

Most Popular iOS App Templates to Inspire Your Next Project

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Developing mobile apps is not easy. There are so many types of businesses and so many things to consider in terms of features, looks and navigation that it sometimes gets a little tough to decide where to begin. As always we turn to the internet for inspiration. That’s right if you are a mobile application… more

Instant Home Hunt App Development – Download This Template!

Moving to a new city or finding accommodation is quite a task. Meeting real estate agents, getting a list of properties, short listing the ones that suit your budget and your liking and then visiting each site individually to finalize one place where you wish to live! Quite a daunting task! Well, what if you… more

Dallizio App Template For Foodies To Order Your Favorite Delicacies From Your Favorite Restaurants!

Eat outs and take away are becoming a popular way of living. Even more popular is ordering food. Calling a restaurant and waiting in queue for your turn for placing orders is quite a frustrating task. Mobile apps for restaurants have hence become a convenient and popular way of ordering food. It improves customer service… more

Event Booky Application Template For Android and iOS

There are so many interesting events in town, but finding a common place to book tickets for the same is a daunting task. If you wish to create a single ticket booking point for all the plays, movies, music concerts and other events in your city or town, the Event Booky App could be a… more

Chat Corner: Chatting App Template for Android and iOS

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Meeting and chatting with new people is what everyone likes to do. Most of the people use chatting applications on their smart phones. This way chatting is now all time favourite activity of all smart phone users and this is leads mobile app developers towards chatting mobile app development for Android and iOS. If one… more

Home Hunt: A Real Estate Mobile App Template

Developing mobile application for real estate is one of the most useful concepts for users. Home is the basic need of any person on this earth but making a decision of buying any property is one of the most confusing decisions for anyone, as it is a long term investment, one should think twice before… more

Taxi App Template: Make Your Taxi App More Effective With This Mobile App Template

Mobile app templates are an easy and affordable way for mobile application development for any mobile app developer. These ready to use templates are available with a wide range of categories and also they are available for both Android mobile app and iOS mobile app. Developers just simply need to make a selection for a… more

Mobile App Template: Integrate and Increase App Performance

Android and iOS are two platforms, that rule the mobile application development world in this modern time. Because of the constant updates and launches of new devices with latest technology support, mobile app developers for Android and iOS are developing innovative apps to support all this new technology. Smart mobile apps that keep the users… more

Building a Mobile App without Extensive Programming Experience

The hottest prospect today is to be on the Application market, be it a food ordering application or an apparel marketplace or just an informational application showcasing the highlights of the company. Business of applications is the fastest growing industry with everyone focusing on mobile centric features. But can somebody with limited or no mobile… more

Best App Templates That Have Benefited Various Industry Verticals

Mobile apps are increasingly taking over more percentage of time spent on mobile devices by users. Well, statistics show that 86% of the time spent by a user on a smartphone is commanded by an app as opposed to web browsing. Smartphones have truly revolutionized our ways of life. The smartphone penetration in our daily… more

Top 6 Benefits of iOS App Templates

With the constant increase in the release of app development tools and platforms, the competition is increasing at a rapid pace. We come across new and innovative ways to develop websites and mobile apps even more quickly and effectively. A lot of content management systems exist which help you build websites in such a way… more

Awesome iOS App Templates You Can Try!

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iOS App Templates especially built to ease development efforts are just in! Developers who love to deliver high quality apps quickly to customers can leverage from the app templates that are designed especially for this purpose. These app templates are specially made with the intent to enable rapid development with high quality designs that can… more